Another Great IFA Convention

Jim Amos 2Hats still off to Debbie Moss and her amazing team that make the IFA annual convention so cool--I can only guesstimate that there were upwards of 2500 people at this event in Orlando Feb. 11-14 but they make it look easy.  An APP that we could download this year and last is BEYOND convenient.  You can see at a glance where and when everything is going to be happening then just click on what you want to attend and it makes a little calendar for you.  Wish they had that the year I slept through the First-Timers Reception which I was an Ambassador to!! Jim Amos, CEO of Tasti D-Lite, pictured to the left, received the Hall of Fame award, the highest honor one can receive in franchising.  Although he left me out of his thank you speech :-) I still adore him and it seems most everyone else does too.  No dry eyes in the house as a fantastic video of his young years was viewed along with his military accomplishments and then business.  A terrific gala topped the program off with The Franchise All-Star Band (franchise people with REAL talent) and a song dedicated to ME-Unchained Melody sung by the incredible Ron Taylor of Sandler Sales Institute.