From the "Now We've Heard it All" Department

Images[5]Spilt hot coffee, nuggets shaped like a chicken's head, and now this!  What and who will we blame next for our woes?  McDonald's employees applied there for a reason.  It's a job, yes minimum wage but it's a start. In these times kids and even older adults should be happy to be employed anywhere.  Check out last weekend's NY Times Magazine feature called Hello Cruel World about the class of 2011 college grads who cannot find a job anywhere--even as a barrista. 

Someone, somewhere will always play the victim and of course a very successful franchisor makes a great target. I have some advice for this hooker who blames McDonald's for her career.  Don't forget to get their low-cal meals from now on--you are going to need to stay in shape :-) 

This blogger is off to NYC for birthday celebration so won't be posting tomorrow--have a great weekend all.