OVER THE TOP seminars are all about franchise leads!

Images[1]Wow everyone's favorite subject in franchising. Where is the next lead coming from?  Can't say it's not on target. In the 80's your biggest problem was getting the right people to qualify the tons of leads coming in.  Ah the good old days.

Reality check-there has been a climate shift in franchising for a variety of reasons--not the least of which is 20-30 years later all those people that bought a franchise way back then did NOT succeed and they are the vocal ones.  Yes it is not a perfect business model and many who have become franchisees maybe shoudn't have.  However it sure beats sitting around in a corporation or on an assembly line waiting for the axe to fall.

Now a very experienced group of experts are putting on one day seminars in fab cities (with food!) on how to put together a terrific lead generating program built for these times.  The 3 key players work in 3 different areas but when worked at together could definitely improve your lead stream.

Details of their 3 upcoming events can be found here and you can also go in and register for the event in the city nearest you for a ridiculous $249.  I am sponsoring this because frankly it is so reasonable a price for a seminar with 3 people I think have lots of answers.  So there ya go!!  Hope to see you at Chicago event--where I will also be but the other cities are good too. Do the date and location most convenient for you clearly!!

Above-Chicago at night!