Let's Hope Election Day Brings SOME Kind of Change!

Ok I always have a pic in my posts but today I would just like to share my interview with FoxBusiness.com that I did a month or so ago.  The series is about small business owners all over the country and how they have been affected by Obama's policies, what their issues are, what changes they would like to see etc. Obama or Romney, it doesn't matter--if small business owners don't stop getting overtaxed and overcharged for healthcare and unemployment taxes, and instead start getting tax credits for hiring new people, nothing is changing here. I am one who hires, hires, hires.  And thanks to the trickle down effect of this economy the franchise industries that I service are feeling the pinch. So hiring has stopped. HELLO-unemployment. What is this? Rocket Science? Give banks $700 million but never bother to put in a clause about "Oh this all has to be loaned out within 3 years"--it's like handing over my necklace to a jewel thief and asking him to take care of it for an hour!!!!  Please read this interview--I believe I represent just about every small biz owner out there.