LED Source's New Corporate Headquarters Goes Green

LED Source's new corporate headquarters illuminated at night.

LED Source's new corporate headquarters illuminated at night.

In today’s business world, you hear a lot about “going green” – reducing your company’s impact on the environment. There are countless ways to do so, but one of the easiest and most effective solutions is switching from traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting to LED technology. Doing so can save your business thousands of dollars in maintenance, air conditioning, and energy costs – and the return on investment (ROI) of a large-scale revamp takes only a few years!

LED Source, an LED lighting solutions provider and the first and only LED lighting franchise in North America, does just that – the company designs and retrofits efficient LED lighting systems for commercial buildings, public spaces, and residences. LED Source has 13 franchisees with offices across the U.S. and Canada, and works with leading names in lighting technology such as Cree, Phillips, Toshiba and Lighting Science.

Expanding operations, the company recently opened a brand new, 13,000 square-foot corporate headquarters in Wellington, Fla. The facility is 100 percent illuminated by energy-efficient LED lights, making it the first all-LED building of its kind in Wellington. Hopefully it won’t be the last – the efficient technology is saving LED Source over $7,933 in annual energy costs and cutting energy usage by over 69 percent.

In this volatile economy, saving money is essential – and with the new energy-efficient building, LED Source is saving the environment, too. What could be better?

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