How Moving Habits Affect Small Businesses

Forbes recently published a list of America’s fastest-growing cities. It’s clear that more people are moving to new places as the economy recovers and unemployment drops. What do Americans’ moving habits mean for small businesses across the country?

This infographic lays out some key statistics. Among them: One in five Americans moves each year. On average, new movers spend more in their first six months in a new location than a normal customer does in three years. That means new residents are an ideal source of revenue and loyalty for small businesses. But the timeframe is limited: contacting new residents within 60 days of a move is 80 times more successful than reaching out to established residents.

Welcomemat Services is a franchise that capitalizes on the potential of new movers by delivering custom-designed gift certificates directly to new residents with offers like complimentary haircuts, free car washes, and dry-cleaning discounts from local businesses. After a customer uses a gift certificate, the business returns it to Welcomemat. Welcomemat then analyzes the data and gives it back to the business, offering demographic and buying information to help owners keep track of new customers.

Welcomemat is in the midst of a nationwide expansion campaign, and this month launched new franchises in McKinney, Texas and Apex, N.C. Plans call for 20 additional locations this year, with growth targeted at major metropolitan areas throughout the country. To learn more about Welcomemat, visit their website at