MUFC Proved Franchising is Still Alive and Well

If you can stand Vegas (well I can't but sometimes have to) attending the Multi-Unit Franchise Conference produced by Franchise Update Media Group is worthwhile.  If you want to get a read and a bead on what's shaking in franchising, this is a good start.  Booth after booth exhibiting their concepts--trying to bring aboard some of the most profitable and successful mutli-unit, multi-concept franchisees in the country.  

And they were there in force from the owner of 140 Church's Chickens to someone who is just starting to build his restaurant portfolio, this exhibit gives them one stop shopping for the latest concepts-mostly in food.

Teriyaki Madness, a Las Vegas based restaurant concept that is YES all about Teriyaki is a good example of the type of franchise that is very different --thus appealing to a franchisee who owns a bunch of Hardee's.  Smart restaurant operators are looking for unique options. And they can find it here.  Below this blogger with a bunch of cool people from MUFC.