The Media has Changed. Get with the Program.

An article I just wrote that was published on LinkedIn last night can open your eyes to the ugly truth.  Yes, the media is not only changing--it HAS changed already and not just a little bit. 

The impetus for the article was the frequency of questions we received about this newspaper and that newspaper and why they don't want to do a story on say....a 5th store opening.

Well firstly that's not news.  But hey I have only been doing this for 32 years and it wasn't news 32 years ago either.  But the frightening update on the major newspaper layoffs and bankruptcies can be found here in my article.  The downside--no reporters to come to events. The upside, we can be in charge of all the content.   Read all about the bad news here but stay tuned for the good news in upcoming posts!