ComForcare's Kelley Coulter Makes Most of 9/11 Experience

Throughout the Franchise Community, 9/11 Left a Story.

Here is one of them. 


No one with a connection to the World Trade Center like the one Kelley Coulter has would be blamed for still carrying the scars 13 years after the tragic events of that day.

The truth is, Coulter himself would probably be the first to admit that the pain he felt that day still resonates.

He has, after all, experienced a lot of it.   

Employed in the World Trade Center for 24 years as a commodity trader, Coulter would lose a number of loved ones as a result of the heinous attacks on our country, many of whom were the same first responders whose stories of heroism would populate the front pages of newspapers and magazines nationwide for years to come.

But what makes Coulter’s story distinct from so many others inspired by 9/11 is what he gained from that day filled otherwise with so much loss.

Inspired by the events, on September 12, 2001 Coulter volunteered for his local first aid squad where he has served ever since.

Experiencing the reward of helping others first-hand, Coulter was motivated to further aid others, particularly the elderly. In September, 2013 Coulter left the trading floor on which he had grown restless and opened his ComForcare Senior Services business in Red Bank, New Jersey.

As he reflects on a year of in business, Coulter stresses the human element of his operation. “My favorite customers are the ones in which they recommend ‘Kelley’ as opposed to the company because I want my clients and employees to know that I care about them and that it’s not just a business,” says Kelley.

As the 13th anniversary of the September 11th attacks passes and Coulter’s 1-year anniversary as owner of his ComForcare draws near, other franchisees stand to gain a lot from his story.

More than just trite bullet points to fill a stock “Value Statement” hidden in the dusty recesses of his company’s website, Coulter embodies the values he preaches as he helps the elderly and those otherwise incapable of taking care of themselves.

Not all franchises will serve the kind of special clients Coulter serves. Yet whether it’s a senior care service or a hamburger joint, turning adversity into positive motivation and staying true to core values are two habits that can benefit any franchisee.