SmallWhen I started in this business and out on my own in Sanderson logo31986 I sat on the floor of my favorite printing company, Mite-Fast Printers with a HUGE book of ClipArt. It never would have occurred to me to hire an artist and back then there were very few options for a logo. I was smaller than small--a one woman business with 4 accounts.  I was on the floor for so long the owner of Mite brought me a coffee.  Finally I found an image I thought portrayed what I did every day. Half of a woman's head from the nose down, on the phone with a pencil in the other hand. boy that was me all day.  Back then PR was ALL phone work--no computers and you used an IBM Selectric if you were lucky to own one to send out pitches to the media. But mostly you called reporters and pitched them your clients' stories.  This logo looked like me doing this all day.  As a personalization I added red lips to this b/w graphic and that has been my logo for lo these many years. As a birthday present last week my grown kids presented me with a new logo--telling me "yours is so '80s Mom".  Thank God they are both gifted artists (not from me!) Note the iPhone and the jewlery in the new logo.  Guess that shows my growth from a 4 account one woman show to a 50 + accounts-16 employee office..Happy Easter all.