says Franchisors are Seeking Latinos to Join Their Systems

Images[3]And why not? Hard working, family oriented, the Latin community, huge in the U.S. is poised to be the next big small business owner segment.  Franchising is a great avenue for them even though currently Latinos own only 5.2 percent of franchise businesses.  Franchising gives one a jumpstart to owning a small business with lots of "back of office" help involved.

Canadian based franchisor, WSI, a digital provider of marketing services to small and medium sized businesses, started its push into Latin America in 1997. The company has 25 Latino franchisees in the U.S.,154 in Mexico and 85 in the rest of Latin America.  Franchise fees start at $29,700 in Latin America, with a total initial investment between $5,000 and $10,000.

There are also many opportunities for those wanting to spend more family time--or for those who want to work with their family in a business together. Stay at home Mom? There are options in franchising there too.  Whatever the scenario, as my friend Jim Amos recently said on the radio, "if every franchisee had the money to hire just one employee there would be NO unemployment in the U.S."  Chew over that!!