SEO is the Way to GO! Or is There More to it?

OTTHeaderEnjoyed helping to host a luncheon Wednesday for a group of very sharp franchise suppliers so they could show off their wares to franchisors.  The seminar is called Over the Top, and the lunch, held at Benny's Chophouse of Chicago, was delish--but the info was even more so.  19 franchisors got quite an education on where things are today in terms of lead generation and knowledge of who your franchisee candidates are and how to speak to them.  These lessons came from FranConnect, Greenbaum Marketing and Management 2000--all speaking about different disciplines in the sales process. One thing is for sure....if you can't get potential candidates to your website you are doomed. AND, they need to click all the way through--or there is no point.  That's where SEO and all that good stuff comes in.  We see here that SEO can be utilized in our press releases, hopefully sending eager beavers right to the website of our client--however, after that, then what?  If you can't close the deal, and if the zee can't get the financing, all is for naught.  Yes getting those SEO terms down etc. is all good and well, but in the end, can your model hold up? Can you sell it? And can your franchisee make money? Those are the real first steps! This seminar is happening in Phoenix and Atlanta as well.