Bagger Dave's Proves Everyone Still Loves a Great Burger!

Entrepreneur (June 2012)Just when you thought that you couldn't find one more burger chain out there, here comes another-and a really good one too!  The secret?  If the meat is awesome, and the buns and bread fresh, one can make a very creative and outstanding burger.  Especially if one understands what the consumer and the franchisee want. The franchisee wants to partner up with a franchisor who "gets it"--and the best way to do that is find someone like Michael Ansley who is not only the CEO, founder and franchisor of Bagger Dave's Legendary Burger Tavern but is also a multi-unit franchisee of Buffalo Wild Wings.  Who would know more the challenges facing franchisees?  And the customer? They just want that delicious food-hot and fresh in a nice environment at a decent price point. Do that and you got yourself a winner!   Nice work Michael and team.