Facebook IPO Really Shed a Light

Facebook1-1What can one say?  I was one of those caught in the "bubble" of 2000. My Dad, may he rest in peace, told me in no uncertain terms to dump everything I had because it was hugely overvalued.  What did he know? All he had been through was the Depression, when his parents lost 6 apartment buildings, and WWII where he won 3 medals.  Why listen to him?  Oh yeah that.  Happy Father's Day and appreciate your Dads because they are likely a lot smarter than you. I lost a bundle by not listening to mine.

And now my friend Les Walgreen (yes that Walgreen) remarks that Facebook has already lost the equivalent of two whole Walgreen companies!!  What is going on people?  As a franchise expert I look and listen to franchisors every day struggling to keep their brands going and thriving. More importantly I look at their franchisees who struggle at the street level. What company that "might have future big revenues" can be worth $19 billion?    Go buy a sandwich or a cookie from a nice franchisee and come back down to earth!