What Franchising is all About: GameTruck Helps a Franchisee in Need

Entry side of trailer - close upLike things aren't bad enough with 100 degree heat all over the country, crappy stock market performance and an election coming up where neither candidate is, say, unscary.  Gilbert Poon, a Middlebury, CT. of Tempe, AZ. based franchisor GameTruck had a car accident that totalled his truck and damaged his GameTruck vehicle as well.  Poor Gilbert had enough on his plate with that--he spoke to the franchisor and said he would have to cancel all his scheduled upcoming parties.  ""NOT SO FAST" said Scott Novis, the company CEO.  Between corporate and a great Indianapolis franchisee, equipment was loaned and sent immediately to allow Gil to fulfill all his party commitments.  I have been in franchising for 30 years--and the best systems do this! Help their zees and rally other zees to help each other. No wonder franchising's slogan is "you are in business for yourself but not by yourself".