LogoIt was embarrassing enough when people watched me trying to run around the conveyor belt picking up my favorites, but when I piled 8 small plates in front of me at the sushi bar...well that kind of did it.  But I couldn't help myself.  We have been waiting for so long for YO!Sushi to open stateside.  My lucky daughter tasted hers when she was in London this summer-all she could do was send me photos. Thanks.  So of course jumped on a plane the day they opened in Union Station in D.C.  Wow how much fun is this atmosphere?  Bright, colorful, cheerful with "help" buttons on the bar that call a server at any moment you need one if you cannot decide which of the five dishes (it repeats) is coming down the conveyor belt in time to pull it off.  No, it's not too fast, but like me, do you ever find yourself staring at your own suitcase at baggage claim while it goes around? Next thing you know you've missed it!  Uh-huh, that was me at the opening of YO!Sushi.  Don't miss an opportunity to try it.  QSR Magazine is also happy they crossed the pond.