Franchise Update Conference Filled with Suppliers

art smith and mom.jpg

Franchise Update does it right--lots of good info in a day and a half and a nice awards dinner.  The problem?  Fewer franchisors attending and lots of suppliers/sponsors--maybe double the amount of franchisors in attendance.  Let's explore how this works shall we?  This is a money making venture and the money deserves to be made.  However, a conference that focuses more on sponsorships and less on attendance is very much like an "ad rag"--that's what we used to call magazines that were filled with ads and little content.  Soon they lost all their advertisers, because, whoops, no one was reading the magazine anymore!!!  Why would they? Very little content and what was there was mediocre.  So cart? Horse?  With lots of great content you get a bundle of attendees at a conference or seminar.  Then follows sponsors. 

However this blogger and several other suppliers went a step further and gave a fantastic dinner at Southern Art, Chef Art Smith's (and a friend of this blogger) fabulous and gorgeous restaurant in the InterContinental Hotel in Atlanta where this conference was held a few days ago.  Fried chicken, the best in the world, is cooked to order so we were all clamouring for more, more as they brought out platters every 30 minutes.  Beyond YUM. If it's good enough for Oprah, Obama, Lady Gaga and Queen Noor of Jordan, we franchisors can enjoy too! (Above left Chef Art Smith and this blogger)