Helpful Flooring Tips from Floor Coverings International

The housing industry is picking back up – this January, new home sales rose almost 16 percent compared to December 2012 – an overall increase of 29 percent since this time one year ago. With home sales increasing, more people are looking for ways to freshen up their houses, either for their own enjoyment or for future sales. And if you’ve ever remodeled your home or just updated a few rooms in the house, you know what a pain it can be to sift through endless options without really knowing what type of product is best for your needs. That’s why experts like the team at Floor Coverings International are so great – they do the work, so you don’t have to!

Mike Killeen, franchise owner of Floor Coverings International in Freehold, N.J., stars in a series of helpful videos on In the two videos below, he discusses the best flooring options for a bathroom and the many types of engineered wood floors. Plenty of useful tips for anyone who needs a little help with their remodeling plans!

Top Flooring Options for a Bathroom
Types of Engineered Wood Floors