Welcomemat Services CEO Hosts Panel at Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference

Tough economic times have business of all sizes struggling to grow and succeed. Brian Mattingly, CEO of Welcomemat Services, was a panelist at this week’s Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference in Atlanta, Georgia where he discussed ways of acquiring and retaining customers.

The panel addressed topics including how to identify, find and capture new customers who are most likely to become loyal and provide ongoing revenue to local businesses.

“Finding the right customer is the first step in customer retention and long-term customer relationships. Because of the recent recession, many consumers have become deal seekers. These consumers hardly ever give their loyalty to any brands and will also be the first to leave negative comments on websites and social media sites. It is important for local businesses to think about this prior to running heavy discounting strategies,” Mattingly said.

Welcomemat Services is a franchised marketing strategies and technology company providing monthly direct-mail packages to new movers. Welcomemat Services helps local business grow their clientele by capitalizing on advertising to people who are new to the area.

“Research shows one of the few times consumers change habits is right after they move,” Mattingly added. “In fact, one study found 40% of movers change toothpaste brands.”

The panel also addressed programs and techniques companies can use to attract and engage the types of customers who will remain loyal and refer others.