Multi-Unit Conference-More of the Same

How much can we talk about mobile apps?  At the Franchise Update Consumer Marketing Conference held in Atlanta on the 24th and 25th of June--we did more talking about it.  More talking about social media. More talking about PR.  Mostly talking about whatever the 150 sponsors were selling!

Every conference it gets tougher and tougher for a franchisor to get a moment's peace.  They are being hounded left and right by every 24 year old that just got hired and is trying to prove him/her self to the new boss--usually a vendor saying "show me how great you are kid".  

Also as a vendor, you pay a large chunk of change for these sponsorships and when there are many more vendors than franchisors--well that's NOT a good use of dollars.  Not to mention whichever sucker pays the most gets their pick of round table to lead.  Still not thinking it's worth mega-thousands.The events can be fun--you get to have drinks with your old pals and whine a bit, gossip a bit--but in the end are we getting business?

We are getting to go through the nation's most hideous airport--Atlanta's Hartsfield, where every security line looks like they just had a bomb threat.    

Happy 4th all!