Virtual Offices--How to Make Them Work

Who wouldn't love to work from beautiful Boca Raton Florida?  For one, I am the youngest person at my Whole Foods. Well, that's not true but if someone's younger they are usually just visiting parents and grandparents here.

Now having said that I am still a very active, like crazy, PR woman who has sometimes withdrawal of sorts if I can't find my cell phone for 40-50 seconds and/or talk to my office at least twice a day.

The rational me knows someone will call me and let me know if Chicago is wiped off the map by the perpetual global warming crises that appear to keep occurring there. Here's the pattern.  Snow, snow and more snow.  Next day 2 degrees.  Warm up to 28. Snow, snow and more snow. Next day 2 degrees.  You get the picture.

But down here in semi-sunny Florida even the bad weather is good compared to Chi-town-and as I sat one day pondering how it could possibly be -20 in Chicago on a Monday when it was 80 degrees here (that's 100 degree difference in a 1600 mile stretch people!!) I also started thinking seriously about how I could open an office down here and do the Thursday evening commuter thing--loving airports and airlines as I do :-).

I do have several enjoyable clients I can commiserate with when I am down here so there IS a possibility we will be a dual office soon. Can't say bi-coastal, even though that sounds cooler!