Another Multi-Unit Conference in Hideous Las Vegas

Yes, I hate Las Vegas. There I have said it. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being pulling out your own fingernails with a tweezers, a conference in Vegas ranks number 3 for me.  And I am hoping this is my last trip there--I will have a life sized puppet made of myself and have my VP Samantha Amato drag it around there next time.  I don't walk much faster than that anyway.

And while I am at it WOW--United Airlines First Class is number 4 on my list.  How about NO CLASS.  Another 3 hour unexplained delay. The plane was lost, or broke or was out looking for the Malaysian airliner, or whatever they can dream up.  So it wasn't a long enough grueling conference--we had to add another 3 hours sitting in the $550 yearly membership United Club which i use once a year so that's $550 a visit.  Hmmmmmm. I have to take another look at that.

Hope you all think about the following.  Book the earliest flight you can on ANY airline. Sleep at the airport on a bench if you have to. Get Obama to give you a TSA pre-check by offering to tweet good things about him. Do whatever you have to to cut hideous business travel in half.

UGH--I have an hour left to unwind maybe.  Then bed.  Monday I intend to find out just how many multi-unit franchisees stopped at all my clients' booths.  So glad I helped sponsor another dinner for all attendees who don't even know who is paying their bill.   30 years of that too.  GOOD TIMES!