Off to Multi-Unit Owners Conference-Who Are These Guys?

Everyone in food franchising knows who these guys are. They are the sharp food service operators who not only own several units of a brand, they own several units of several brands!

In the past 15 years or so of attending Franchise Update functions, I have been looking for these guys.  And talking to them. Most of them don't do the stock market, their stock market is a restaurant portfolio full of terrific brands that compliment each other.

One company really working this group and hitting the jackpot is LA based Pizza Studio.They have 175 units in various stages of development with some of the biggest players in this segment.  Their pizza concept, top your own, isn't the only one of its kind--but it clearly has something that is attracting heavy hitters.  One reason may be the guys behind it.  Samit Varma is pretty much a genius, former ballistic engineer in the Navy and at a heavy duty venture capital firm after that. Ron Biskin has 30 years in the food industry helping guys like Wolfgang Puck figure out franchising.  

So it's no surprise they are cleaning up in this segment.  Have a Happy Easter all.